Football for the Over 50’s

In 1957 at the age of 42 years and 104 days Stanley Matthews became the oldest person to play for England, Now, players across Aireborough and beyond have the opportunity to n try and break his record, (admittedly at a more modest level!) by taking part in Walking Football.

A slow-paced version of the beautiful game, Walking Football is intended to help the Over 50’s maintain an active lifestyle, and for good reason as studies suggest that physically active men have a 20-30% reduced risk of premature death and 50% less of serious illness.

The GCF is looking to establish footballing activities for the over 50s by starting daytime Walking Football sessions and/or over 50s and 60s football activities based at Nethermoor.

Community Manager Steve Taylor is asking for those interested to get in touch with suggestions for the times and days they would like sessions to be held.

Taylor is also looking to gauge the demand for 5-a-side sessions “Some individuals I have spoken with have said that despite their age they would still like to play proper five-a-side and not walking football so we hope to accommodate both.”

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