Weekly Newsletter 26 February 2021

Return of Sport                        

We welcome the Government’s decision to allow for the return of grassroots football and other outdoor sports from March 29th. Everyone at the Foundation is looking forward to being able to see children return to our clubs and sessions next month. This announcement will allow for the return of our very popular Over 12s session on a Wednesday evening, as well as our holiday soccer camps. Details regarding our Easter Camps will be available shortly, and will be found on our social media pages, as well as on our website.

Jordan Sinnott Foundation

We are pleased to announce that the Foundation has received the promise of funding from the Jordan Sinnott Foundation to fund the expansion of our Over 12s football sessions. This funding will allow the Foundation to offer these sessions to a wider demographic, and to offer free places to under privileged children who may be missing out due to not being able to afford the nominal fee. Guiseley Community Foundation Chair, Phil Rogerson, is looking forward to working with the Jordan Sinnott Foundation on other local projects in the coming months. Melanie Tait from the Jordan Sinnott Foundation added that their foundation is “very happy to have helped towards a wonderful charity. Jordan and his brother Tom lived and went to school in the Guiseley area, and it seems a lovely gesture to give something back to the Community”.

Interview: Alison Leigh 

When did you first become involved with the Foundation? “I’ve known Phil and Kinnon for a couple of years and helped out at the last beer festival. I started work with the Foundation in January 2020.”                           

What is your role within the Foundation? “My role is Administrator and Safeguarding Officer within the Foundation.”                                                                                    

How has the pandemic changed your role? “The role changed quite dramatically- I went from being in an office environment to becoming the area’s oldest paper girl, delivering up to 12 papers a day! I also did shopping for the elderly and the vulnerable.”                                                            

What is your favourite part of your role? “I love being involved with the children, especially during our holiday camps. It’s a real pleasure to watch them come out of their shells and have loads of fun. It’s a totally new environment for me and so has been a bit of a challenge, but thanks to the great team at the Foundation I’m learning fast!”

Holiday Challenges 

Last week our Community Coaches created many different PE challenges for children to try during the half-term holidays. These challenges are still available on our social media pages. If your child has attempted any of the challenges, please complete a questionnaire to provide us with feedback on the success of these challenges. The questionnaire link can be found on our social media sites.

Guiseley Community Foundation to work with The Jordan Sinnott Foundation

Guiseley Community Foundation Press Release

The Guiseley Community Foundation (GCF) are pleased to be able to announce that they have received the promise of funding from the Jordan Sinnott Foundation (JSF) to fund the expansion of their Over Twelve football sessions which are currently held at Nethermoor Park on Wednesday evenings.  This funding will allow GCF to offer these courses to a wider demographic, and to offer free places to under privileged children who may be missing out due to being unable to afford the nominal fee. Fund raising by GCF has been curtailed in the past year due to the impact of Covid-19 and their annual Community Beer Festival, probably their largest event which supports many of the courses it offers children throughout the year, has had to be postponed twice.

Guiseley Community Foundation, Chair, Phil Rogerson said: “It is great to receive this funding from such a great local charity formed under such awful circumstances. The funding will allow us to expand our Over Twelves provision and make it accessible to many who are struggling in the current difficult times. We look forward to working with them on a variety of local projects in the coming months and years”

Melanie Tait from The Jordan Sinnott Foundation added: “From all of us at the JSFT we are very happy to have helped towards a wonderful charity, Guiseley Community Foundation. Jordan as you all know loved everything to do with sport, but most of all he was renowned for his compassion with a heart of gold.Jordan and his brother Tom, lived and went to school in the Guiseley area and it seems a lovely gesture to give something back to the Community.

The JSFT is looking forward to helping as many underprivileged children to access sport.

Seeing a smile is everything.”

Weekly Newsletter 19 February 2021

Holiday Challenges 

This week our coaches have been creating challenges to help keep children occupied during the half-term holiday. Usually, we would be holding our popular holiday football camps, but with current restrictions we are unable to do so. Instead, the Foundation has adapted to providing these challenges online, via our Facebook page- Guiseley Community Foundation- and our Instagram page- @guiseleyafccommunity. All the challenges are adaptable, so if it is too easy for some children, they can challenge themselves by making it more difficult, such as through increasing the distance they have to throw a pair of socks. These challenges are also adaptable so that children can challenge other members of their household. As well as helping to keep children active and occupied during the holidays, these challenges aim to help children become ambitious, by challenging themselves to become better at each challenge. 

 Holiday Football Camps          

Usually over the February half-term, we would be running our very popular holiday football camps. Due to the national lockdown, we are unable to do so, but Marcus, Ben and Connor are very much looking forward to the return of our holiday camps as soon as it is safe to do so! We hope to be able to run some holiday camps during the Easter break. 

Interview: Connor Thompson

When did you first become involved with the Foundation?

“I first became involved with Guiseley Community Foundation when I was 16 years old. I started volunteering at the holiday camps whilst I was playing for Guiseley Academy.” 

What is your role within the Foundation?

“My role is Head Coach. I started with an apprenticeship with the Foundation and have since progressed with my qualifications.”                                                                       

What is your favourite part of your role?

“I enjoy every aspect of my role, however I get great satisfaction from running the holiday camps. It is great to see the children having fun, learning new skills and interacting with each other.” 

How happy are you to be back at working in the community after your injury?

“It’s been a tough year for everyone with Covid, but it didn’t make it any easier for myself breaking my leg in the summer whilst playing football. It has been a long recovery process but I am pleased to now be back working and I really appreciate the support the Foundation has given me during this time.”     


Community Competitions

Last weekend, over 10 children took part in our online FIFA tournament. Tom was victorious once again! Meanwhile, there is still plenty of time to send in entries for our ‘Get Creative’ and Goal Celebration competitions. Details of these competitions can be found on our social media pages.


Weekly Newsletter 12 February 2021

Community Competitions

The Foundation still has many lockdown competitions ongoing to help keep children of all ages occupied. This includes a ‘Get Creative’ competition, where children are encouraged to make a piece of art using materials you can find at home, or write a piece of creative writing. We also have a ‘Goal Celebration’ competition, where children can send in their best goal celebrations, whether that be their own original celebration, or an imitation of their favourite footballer’s celebration. Entries to all competitions can be sent to our social media pages, with prizes available for the most creative pieces of work, or the best goal celebrations. New competitions will also be launched in the coming weeks.

Home Education PE Sessions                                     

Prior to the third national lockdown, Community Coaches Ben Walker and Nathan Newall were running football sessions for the local Home Educated children. Up to 15 children attended the weekly sessions, with the goal of trying to enhance their football and social skills. During the lockdown, the Foundation is really missing running these sessions, and we cannot wait to welcome the children back when it is safe to do so.

Food Parcel Delivery                   

Every Thursday, the Foundation helps to deliver food parcels to our local schools, including Queensway Primary School, Rufford Park, Yeadon Westfield Junior School, and the Kangaroo Kids Nursery. Thank You to Guiseley Morrisons and their customers for their kind donations. We would like to say a ‘special Thank You’ to the Community Champions at Guiseley Morrisons, Sharron Chamberlain and Kathryn Bongiovi-Harrison, for all the help they give us, and for all the work they do in the local community.

Interview: Olivia Crane  

When did you first become involved with the Foundation?

 “I first became involved in the Summer of 2019, helping to run the Healthy Holidays camp.”  

What is your role within the Foundation?

“My role within the Foundation is Head Coach- I go into schools delivering a variety of sports activities to different classes and individuals.”                             

What is your favourite part of your role?

“My favourite part of the job is watching students find new skills that they didn’t know they had before.”

Weekly Newsletter 05 February 2021

Community Competitions        

Last weekend’s online FIFA tournaments were another success. 15 children took part across the two tournaments, including people who hadn’t competed in previous tournaments. The Foundation would like to congratulate Tom for winning both the Xbox and PlayStation tournaments. This achievement is made even better by the fact that Tom is taking part in the tournaments despite being in Macau currently, where there is an 8-hour time difference!                                                                         

In the past week the Foundation has also launched a ‘goal celebration’ competition, challenging members of the community to send in their best goal celebrations. Entries can be an imitation of a famous goal celebration or can be original. We ask that entries are sent to our social media pages, and there will be prizes for the best celebrations.   

Lockdown Activities                    

As well as our own lockdown challenges and competitions, we have been sharing content from other organisations also, such as Ping Pong For U and Premier League Communities. Ping Pong For U provides adapted challenges which people of all ages and abilities can complete at home. These activities use Ping-Pong as a vehicle to keep people active during lockdown. Whilst also emphasising the importance of keeping active during lockdown, Premier League Communities provides free teaching resources through the Premier League Primary Stars initiative, which really help with the home-schooling of children in key stages 1 and 2. Resources include worksheets for Maths and Literacy, as well as talks and challenges from celebrities such as Roman Kemp. Other activities include PSHE worksheets, enabling children to easily discuss their feelings, which is crucial during these testing times.   

Eco School Challenge                 

The Foundation is planning on setting up an Eco-focused group within each of our four partner schools. The aim of these groups is to look at the school community and how to make it a cleaner and tidier environment for both the children and the adults within the school community. This could involve cleaning up the school site through litter picking. The main goal of the project is to get each school on the road to collecting their ‘Green Flag’ award from Keep Britain Tidy, whilst collecting the several other flags which each school can collect on their way to the ‘Green Flag’. Once restrictions are lifted and it is safe to do so, we aim to get each school to come together and work alongside local community groups, such as AVSED, to make their areas tidier and more environmentally friendly. 

Interview: Steve Taylor                

When did you first become involved with the Foundation?

“I started my role with Guiseley Community Foundation in August 2016. Having had experience in this sector before, I have really enjoyed helping the Community Foundation grow.”                                                    

What is your role within the Foundation?

“I am Community Development Manager- I oversee the day-to-day running of the Foundation. My job is to work with the key stakeholders such as the National League Trust, the Premier League, local schools and West Yorkshire Police, to develop programmes of work that will benefit people of all ages in the local community.”                                                                                      

What is your favourite part of your role?

“There are so many things, but this last year in particular will resonate with me as during these difficult times, it has been amazing to see how we, as a foundation, have changed the way we usually operate in order to support those in the community who need it most. In doing so, our service offering has developed greatly, for instance we are about to start new projects working with new organisations which will enhance our profile further.”           


Community Newsletter 29 Dec 2020

Happy New Year

Guiseley Community Foundation hopes that our supporters, staff and those whom we work with have had a good Christmas. We wish them all a Happy New Year- a year hopefully better than the year that has just passed!

Toy Appeal                           

Our first Christmas Toy Appeal in partnership with Guiseley Morrisons has been a real success. We received this message from one of the beneficiaries: “R… would like to wish you all the most wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. The bag of gifts she received from you all was amazing and she was over the moon. R… does a lot of charity work herself and is very much aware of what it is like to help in the community, but for the first time received help from her community- she is fully aware what everyone has done for all of this to have happened. We as a family are very grateful to you all and hope that the New Year might improve, but I do know that R… enjoyed her Christmas day and her gifts thanks to the generous contributions of those out there. You were all in our thoughts on Christmas day very much as we could see in R…’s smile.”

Food Distribution                                   

Our distribution of Food Parcels is also going very well. The first collection day on December 22nd was very successful. Our second collection day is today at Yeadon Westfield Junior School. Those with food vouchers will be able to redeem them in return for a food parcel. We would like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to Guiseley Morrisons and Rethink Foods who have made holding the food bank possible.

Plans for 2021                                      

We are pleased to have secured funding from the National League Trust and the Haribo Happiness Fund for a new Eco-intergenerational project. Funding to assist with our Premier League Primary Stars activities has also been continued.

The Generations Unite to Help our Planet project is part-funded by the National League Trust, supported by the Premier League, and the Professional Footballers’ Association, with the balance coming from the Haribo Happiness Fund. This multi-generational project will help to bring together not only the younger and the older generations, but the local charities and schools that currently support these individual groups as well. Two strings to this project will come together in order to make a difference in improving the local environment and building cohesion between generations. We aim to do this by providing Sports Leaders ‘Playmaker’ courses in local primary schools, to help build self-confidence and leadership skills in children aged over 9. We will also work with our partners AVSED and the Memory Lane Day Centre to run regular multi-generational social and learning events.                                 As part of the Premier League Primary Stars scheme, we are looking to build on the National League Trust project above to utilise the skills learnt in Playmakers so that each of the schools with which we work will qualify for Eco Schools Green Flag status. This is in addition to our current regular activities supporting teaching staff in the delivery of PE lessons. 

Weekly Newsletter 18 December 2020

Resilience Fund                      

Guiseley Community Foundation were fortunate enough to receive a grant from the Leeds Community Foundation Resilience Fund which allowed us to continue our work throughout the first national lockdown. For much of this time the Foundation needed to furlough its staff, but many took the opportunity to work voluntarily for local organisations such as the Aireborough Children’s Centre. This included delivering food parcels and collecting shopping for the elderly. In order to increase our resilience, we are going to use this funding to address problems that we encountered during the pandemic. This includes investigating digital provision so as to allow remote delivery of sessions where a physical presence is not possible. Other issues include office space, which we are already addressing as we are operating out of Yeadon Westfield Junior School on a trial basis. Hopefully, as things return to normal the Foundation can resume Fund Raising and reinstate our popular Beer Festival and Golf Day in 2021. By working with other local charities, we are looking to provide a better service in schools, charities, churches and sports clubs at a lower cost.

Extra Day of Holiday Camps

Due to popular demand there is an extra day of Holiday Soccer Camps on December 29th, from 10am until 3pm. The cost of the day is £10 and all Covid procedures will be in place. There are limited spaces so please email alison.leigh.gcf@gmail.com to avoid missing out.

Generous Donation  

We would like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to Dan Hazell for his very generous donation to the Foundation via the Give As You Earn charity foundation. It will be put to good use supporting one of our future projects.

Food Donations Making a Difference                                    

We have a received a lovely email from a parent of a child at Rufford Park school detailing how beneficial our weekly food donations have been to their family. The tinned products we leave in the bike shelter weekly have had a massive impact on their household this year, especially as their work has been disrupted heavily. It means so much to this family and many more that they know the Community Foundation and the local supermarkets are helping the school and other organisations.

Merry Christmas

The team at Guiseley Community Foundation would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. We also want to thank our funders, sponsors and everyone who took part in our sessions this year- your support throughout these difficult, unprecedented times has been incredible. 


Weekly Newsletter 11 December 2020

Memory Lane receives Christmas Cards

Children at Yeadon Westfield Junior School have recently made Christmas cards to send to those who attend the Memory Lane Day Centre. The Centre is a specialist service that provides day care for elderly people who are living with different forms of Dementia. It is hoped that the Christmas cards will offer new and different forms of engagement for those who attend the Centre, as well as increasing their well-being. We also hope that the cards will help bridge the gap between the young and the elderly within the community.

Home Education PE Sessions

Community coaches Ben Walker and Nathan Newall have been running football sessions for local Home Educated children. Up to 15 children of a variety of ages attend weekly. The session helps to develop the football skills of these children, as well as helping to develop their social skills. The older children, aged up to thirteen, are able to help the younger children, aged as young as five, with this development of both football and social skills.

Extra Day of Soccer Camps               

Due to popular demand, we have organised an extra day of Soccer Camps in the Christmas holidays. This will take place on Tuesday 29th December, from 10am until 3pm, on the 3G pitch at Nethermoor Park. The cost of the day is only £10. Please book beforehand by emailing alison.leigh.gcf@gmail.com as there are limited spaces due to Covid-19 restrictions. There are still some spaces left on the other two days of Soccer Camps, which take place on December 21st and 22nd. Please book to avoid missing out! Please note that these two days have an earlier start time of 9am. All Covid-19 procedures will be in place, including temperature checks at the start of each day, as well as regular sanitizing intervals.

Toy Appeal Ends Tomorrow    

Tomorrow is the last day of our first Christmas Toy Appeal in partnership with Guiseley Morrisons. We have received so many donations so far, but you are still able to donate tomorrow. Our donation point is located in Guiseley Morrisons, in front of the self-service tills. Guiseley Community Foundation would like to thank Guiseley Morrisons Community Champion Sharron once again for providing the donation point in store. We ask that donations should be new and unwrapped, and suitable for children aged 0-16. All donations will be distributed via the Aireborough Children’s Centre and other professionals, helping to bring happiness to many children during the tough Christmas period.

Weekly Newletter 04December 2020

Haribo Happiness Fund  

We are happy to have received a 2 year grant from the Haribo Happiness Fund via Leeds Community Foundation! The grant is aimed at inter-generational activities that are fun, inspirational and educational. We are planning for these activities to be based around becoming Eco-Friendly, with help from a Keep Britain Tidy ambassador, and his dog Koda.

The purpose behind these activities is to combine the wisdom and experience of the elderly with the energy and enthusiasm of the youth. This will help to impart knowledge and skills that will live long in the memory of the young people and provide the elderly people with the satisfaction that they have been involved with bringing this about.

These activities will work with the ‘Friends Of’ groups attached to local parks and local litter picking groups, alongside the eco-based after school groups we are involved with. The aims of the project include combating elderly loneliness and isolation, utilising different qualities present in the young and the old, as well as taking pride in where you live.

Email steve.taylor.gcf@gmail.com or alison.leigh.gcf@gmail.com if there are any members of the older generation who would like to get involved.

Soccer Camps Return

We are pleased to announce that our popular Holiday Football Camps will take place during the Christmas Holidays. Two fun-filled days of football will take place on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd December from 9am until 3pm on the artificial pitch at Nethermoor Park. The cost for the two days is only £25. All Covid-19 procedures will be in place, including temperature checks on arrival and regular sanitizing breaks throughout the day. Limited spaces are available, so please email alison.leigh.gcf@gmail.com to avoid missing out.

 Hidden Homeless Say Thanks             

Hidden Homeless, a grassroots outreach that help homeless people in Leeds, are very grateful to the Community Foundation and all those that donated to our Food Bank Appeal. All the Hidden Homeless team would like to say a massive thank you- the food donation has meant they’ve been able to give vulnerable people and families many food parcels over the past week.

Last Week of Toy Appeal   

There is now just over a week left to donate to our first Christmas Toy Appeal. Our donation point is located in Guiseley Morrisons, and we have already seen many excellent donations. Please can donations be new and unwrapped, and suitable for children aged 16 and under. All toys donated will help to make a huge impact on children in our local communities during the tough Christmas period.  Donations will be accepted until December 12th.




Community Foudation Christmas Football Camp

Guiseley Community Foundation are now taking bookings for their Festive Football Camp!

Time and dates:

Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd December



Nethermoor – Guiseley AFC 3G all weather pitch (LS20 8BT).

Ages: 6-14

Girls and boys and all football abilities welcome.


£25 for both days.

All Covid-19 safety procedures in place.

Information you will need for the day:

Shin pads must be worn – no metal studs.

Please bring your own lunch and water bottle

Email alison.leigh.gcf@gmail.com book or for more information.

Limited spaces!