Community Competitions

The Foundation still has many lockdown competitions ongoing to help keep children of all ages occupied. This includes a ‘Get Creative’ competition, where children are encouraged to make a piece of art using materials you can find at home, or write a piece of creative writing. We also have a ‘Goal Celebration’ competition, where children can send in their best goal celebrations, whether that be their own original celebration, or an imitation of their favourite footballer’s celebration. Entries to all competitions can be sent to our social media pages, with prizes available for the most creative pieces of work, or the best goal celebrations. New competitions will also be launched in the coming weeks.

Home Education PE Sessions                                     

Prior to the third national lockdown, Community Coaches Ben Walker and Nathan Newall were running football sessions for the local Home Educated children. Up to 15 children attended the weekly sessions, with the goal of trying to enhance their football and social skills. During the lockdown, the Foundation is really missing running these sessions, and we cannot wait to welcome the children back when it is safe to do so.

Food Parcel Delivery                   

Every Thursday, the Foundation helps to deliver food parcels to our local schools, including Queensway Primary School, Rufford Park, Yeadon Westfield Junior School, and the Kangaroo Kids Nursery. Thank You to Guiseley Morrisons and their customers for their kind donations. We would like to say a ‘special Thank You’ to the Community Champions at Guiseley Morrisons, Sharron Chamberlain and Kathryn Bongiovi-Harrison, for all the help they give us, and for all the work they do in the local community.

Interview: Olivia Crane  

When did you first become involved with the Foundation?

 “I first became involved in the Summer of 2019, helping to run the Healthy Holidays camp.”  

What is your role within the Foundation?

“My role within the Foundation is Head Coach- I go into schools delivering a variety of sports activities to different classes and individuals.”                             

What is your favourite part of your role?

“My favourite part of the job is watching students find new skills that they didn’t know they had before.”