GCF Trustees

Following on from the appointment of Steve Taylor as Community Development Manager the GAFC Community Foundation has appointed new Trustees and a number of local people have stepped up to become Trustees as the Community Foundation looks to move forward.

The Trustees operate under the Chairmanship of Community Foundation co-founder Phil Rogerson

Phil who was previously also Chairman of Guiseley AFC started the Foundation in 2013, in conjunction with Kinnon North. It’s aims and objectives have remained unchanged in that looks to use the funding available via the National League Trust to put the Football Club at the heart of the local community.

His fellow trustees are:

Peter Gable
Peter  is President of the Guiseley and District Lions Club and a long term supporter, as a season ticket holders and sponsor of Guiseley AFC. His connections gives him a valuable insight into the needs of the district so that he can help target our projects to maximise their effectiveness across the community.

Peter is a local businessman and has resided in Guiseley for over 30 years and is the President of the Guiseley & District Lions and has been involved in a number of local community fund raising events.

As a Trustee Peter is looking to help further the aims of the Guiseley  Community Foundation and to strengthen the links with the  Guiseley and District Lions.

Councillor Graham Latty
Who as one of our local Councillors has his finger on the pulse of the local community and its needs along with seeking out potential sources of funding.



Mick Glossop
Mick is  Chairman of the Guiseley AFC Supporters’ Club. This will hopefully bring even closer links between the Foundation and the club’s supporters.


Kinnon North
Kinnon moves from her long term voluntary role within the Foundation to become a Trustee.  She brings with her a deep rooted passion to see a broad and successful role for the Foundation within the district.


Father David Pickett
Is the Rector of St Oswald’s Parish Church, Guiseley, and the Guiseley AFC Club Chaplain. He currently organises youth and other groups within his church and brings a great deal of experience and enthusiasm to the Foundation.