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Community Foudation Christmas Football Camp

Guiseley AFC - Nethermoor Park Otley Road, Guiseley

Nethermoor – Guiseley AFC 3G all weather pitch (LS20 8BT). Ages: 6-14 Girls and boys and all football abilities welcome. Pricing £25 for both days. All Covid-19 safety procedures in place. Information you will need for the day: Shin pads must be worn – no metal studs. Please bring your own lunch and water bottle …

October Half-Term Soccer Camp Boys & Girls Aged 10-14 – Free Water Bottle with every Booking!

Guiseley AFC - Nethermoor Park Otley Road, Guiseley

The Camp Will be held on Wednesday and Thuursday  29 & 30 October 2020 at Nethermoor Park. The cost is £25 for the two days. To ensure we remain COVID Safe the following measures will be in place on each day: Small bubbles of 6 children each with dedicated FA qualified and DBS checked Coach …